The city of Malmedy is located on the RAVeL line 45, which is a branch of the famous Vennbahn cycle route. After cycling for 15 kilometres you will reach Trois-Ponts. Stavelot is located at 11 kilometres and the Spa-Francorchamps F1 Racetrack (along the RAVeL L44a line, a branch of the L45 line near Stavelot) is reached after cycling just 15 kilometres. Located at 7 kilometres, Waimes is where you will find the connection to the Vennbahn (= RAVeL L48) with Monschau (26 kilometres from Malmedy) in the north and Sankt Vith (24 kilometres from Malmedy) in the south.

An overview of places easy to reach from Malmedy by bicycle:

  • Waimes : 7 km
  • Stavelot : 11 km
  • Trois-Ponts : 15 km
  • F1 Spa-Francorchamps : 15 km
  • Bütgenbach : 15 km
  • Montenau : 17 km
  • Sankt Vith : 24 km
  • Monschau : 26 km

What is a RAVeL?

A RAVeL is a “greenway” built on a disused railway line. A review of a few major advantages: the flat-surfaced RAVeLs are not accessible to motorised users. RAVeLs are primarily used by cyclists and also popular with wheelchair users and persons with reduced mobility, skaters, roller skiers, walking enthusiasts with small children, …

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