Expo | The Cox, a legendary car

Starting point Malmundarium, Place du Châtelet 10, 4960 Malmedy
Start 11/04/2021
End 01/01/2022
+32 80 79 96 68

“The Cox, a legendary car”.
It was called Type 1 or “1100”, “1200”, “1300”, “1500” and “1600”, depending on the cubic capacity of the different engines.
Enthusiasts of this lovely car with its distinctive round shape, called it differently depending on the country: Coccinelle (France – Belgium), Käfer (Germany), Beetle (USA), Cox (England), Maggiolino (Italy), Fusca (Brazil), Vocho (Mexico) and Kodok (Bolivia). Its history is unique in many ways. With more than 21 million sold cars, it was the world’s best-selling car!
The exhibition “La Coccinelle, voiture de légende” (The Beetle, a legendary car) shows you the fabulous history of the Cox and throws you back to its beginnings under the Nazi regime, its meteoric rise after the Second World War and the end of its production in 2019.

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