The Coo Waterfalls

The village of Coo is located between Trois-Ponts and La Gleize and is well known for its waterfall on the river Amblève. It has a 15-meter drop, making it the most important waterfall in Belgium.
The village of Coo, a part of the Trois-Ponts community, also has a hydroelectric station. A closed arm of the Amblève provides the lower basin of this pumped storage power station. The two upstream reservoirs are located 270 meters higher at a place called “Mont de Brume”.
At the foot of the Coo waterfall, a leisure park provides the tourist with various activities such as mini-golf, gokarting and kayaking. During the high season an amusement park is open and there is a chairlift that takes you up to the heights above the village. From there you have a magnificent view over the Amblève valley.

Address: Petit Coo, 4970 Stavelot

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