Swimming pool “Mon Repos”

Opening of the Mon Repos swimming pool on Wednesday 1 June

Opening hours

  • From 17/06 to 12/06: open from 10 am to 6:30 pm

Organisation of access to the swimming pool

– maximum 400 people on the site (except for school groups and clubs organised in bubbles);

– 75 people maximum authorised at the same time in the pool;

– all exits from the grounds are final;

– use of hydroalcoholic gel is compulsory before and after using the toilet;

– For reasons of hygiene, it is forbidden to enter the site with food;

– A fresh water shower is available near the foot bath;

– The mask can be removed for people sitting at tables, lying on the lawns, respecting the social distance and of course when swimming.

Payment of the site access fee by card is recommended.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Entrance fees

Individual entrance fee

– Member: 4 €.

– External: 6,5 €.

– Children under 12 years old: 3 €.

– Member of a large family: 3 €.

Subscription (20 entries)

– Member: € 65

– External: €90

– Member child -12 years old: 50 €.

– External child -12 years old: 65 €.

Group (min. 20 people): 3,5 €/pers.

Are considered as members, the inhabitants of the commune (on presentation of the identity card) as well as the residents of the communal camp-site of Bevercé.

The open-air swimming pool “Mon Repos”

… is located on a superb natural site, particularly calm and restful. It offers relaxation and recreation for young and old alike. It is equipped with a water toboggan track. A volleyball pitch and a game of pétanque (boule) will also delight any sportsman.

Contact and information

Avenue de la Libération, 3
(at the exit of Malmedy in the direction of Eupen)
4960 Malmedy
0032 (0)80 330 118

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